Allied Health.

Sundgren Chiropractic Health Clinic partners with the following allied health care providers, vendors, and facilities in Gainesville, Florida, and beyond to bring you quality natural treatment and reliable results. Click on any of the underlined hyperlinks to learn more about these allied health partners.


Allied Health Care Providers

The clinic is proud to work with these fine allied health care providers.

Ariela’s Thai Massage

Dr. Christopher Bray, MD, Internist, Gainesville Family Physicians

Nina Lombardo, LMT, Samadhi Healing Arts

Sanctuary Yoga & Wellness

Santiago Villamil, PT, MPT, CSCS, Director & Physical Therapist, Request Physical Therapy

Treetop Massage (Same building as the clinic, but upstairs.)


Applied Kinesiology Systems

The following are Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) systems used at the clinic.

Meridian Autonomic Testing

Nutrition Response Testing by Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc.


Chiropractic and Manual Therapy Systems

The following are chiropractic and manual therapy (hands on) treatment techniques and therapies employed at the clinic.

Diversified Technique

Manipulative Therapy by Dr. Karel Lewit, MD, Dsc.

Sacro Occipital Technique by Dr. Major B. DeJarnette


Laboratories and Point-Of-Care Testing

Standard and specialty laboratory examinations are ordered using these laboratory facilities.

Doctor’s Choice

Doctor’s Data


Genova Diagnostics




Quest Diagnostics


Imaging Centers

X-ray and advanced imaging studies are ordered using these Gainesville imaging centers.

Doctors Imaging Group

Gainesville High Field Open MRI


Natural Medicines and Nutritional Supplements

The clinic keeps all natural medicines and nutritional supplements in a climate controlled setting (75 degrees day and night). This assures that all food and herb derived medicines retain their medicinal function and full potency. All natural medicines and supplements that sold at the clinic are sold exclusively through health care providers because of their potency and storage requirements. Be weary of ordering these natural medicines and nutritional supplements online where their storage in a hot warehouse may damage them, eliminate their potency, and even cause them to become harmful. Standard Process and MediHerb supplements are made from living food and herbal sources in a non-heated manner. Letting them sit in a hot warehouse has the same effect on them as letting a plate of food sit out on a picnic table on a hot Summer’s day. The nutritional foods in the supplements will spoil, become inedible, and become potentially harmful to you. Counterfeits of these products have also been found on the online market. If you want to purchase natural medicines and nutritional supplements of high quality, such as the ones used at Sundgren Chiropractic Health Clinic, the clinic strongly encourages you to purchase them from an authorized health care provider such as the clinic. In doing so, you are not only protecting and promoting your health, you are also helping local health care facilities and practitioners be sustainable in their provision of quality health care to you, your family, and our shared community.

Standard Process Resale Policy

Standard Process (Home Page)

Standard Process (at Sundgren Chiropractic Health Clinic)


Natura Health Products


Nutritional / Dietary Systems

The following are diets that the clinic draws from to formulate customized nutritional plans for its patients.

Allergy Free Diet

Atkins Diet

Blood Type Diet

Cave Man Diet

Celiac Diet

Dairy Free Diet

Gluten Free Diet

Hygienic Diet

Ketogenic Diet


Locavore Diet

Low Allergy Diet



Page Food Plan

Pescetarianism (Pesco-Vegetarianism)

Raw Food Diet

Wheat Free Diet



Zone Diet

Allied Health Partnerships