Natural Health Building Services
Gainesville, Florida

We are here to help you rebuild your health. One step at a time. We want you to be as healthy as you can be and we are here to help guide you in that process using hard earned expertise built upon generations of research, experience, and knowledge. We are here to help you recover your health and build resilience into your body with a nutritional and chiropractic program that is custom tailored to your unique individual needs and goals. Here’s what you can expect regarding clinic services.


Treatment Programs

To help you regain and build your health, the clinic provides in its treatment programs dietary and nutritional counseling, employs whole food nutrition supplements produced by Standard Process and herbal medicines made by MediHerb and Natura Health Products, utilizes chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy, and makes recommendations regarding lifestyle change.


Before a treatment program is begun, to assess your condition, a detailed intake history and examination is performed. At the intake examination, Applied Kinesiology based Nutrition Response Testing and Meridian Autonomic Testing may also be utilized to improve assessment accuracy and treatment effectiveness. Past laboratory exams are frequently interpreted for patients and new ones may be ordered. Imaging exams such as x-rays, ultrasounds, MRI’s, and CT’s are also interpreted and ordered as indicated by history and exam. After the intake appointment, the new patient physician work-up is completed and a report is created. This report is then reviewed with you at your next doctor appointment free of charge. The report reviews findings of your intake appointment, your candidacy for nutritional therapy, and a description of what the treatment program entails and requires of you. If you are a candidate for nutritional therapy and you opt to begin a treatment program, then your treatment program doctor appointments are scheduled.


In your treatment program there will be a series of doctor appointments. Typical treatment programs occur over a period of 3 to 4 months and include weekly doctor appointments. At these doctor appointments a range of therapies may be provided, including nutritional and/or herbal products, manual therapy, physical therapy, modalities such as electric stimulation or ultrasound, home care, self care, dietary counselling, ergonomic training, body education, soft tissue work, and other therapies. Each treatment program is customized to each patient’s individual needs. “Home work” assignments are often provided, engaging patients in their own recovery and health building process. At midway and the end of the treatment program there will be progress evaluation doctor appointments where progress will be assessed by patient self surveys (repeated from intake) and physician examination and inquiry. Physician work-up reports will be provided subsequently. This provides both the patient and physician with helpful feedback on changes made during the treatment program. At the end of the treatment program these reports can also serve as a starting point for the next treatment program, which can either be a follow-up (more therapy needed) program or onset of therapy for other concerns that the patient has about their health. Most patients find the process of the feedback in the report to be helpful, as it provides a measurement of recent progress as well as a reference point for the current placement of their health.


Payment Options

No health insurance is needed for you to receive treatment at Sundgren Chiropractic Health Clinic. All payment for services and products are made directly to the clinic to keep your expenses as a patient as low as possible. Since most health and governmental insurance plans will not cover nutritional products, and since the current clinic fee for a doctor appointment is less than most in-network insurance copays, the clinic has opted to only receive payments directly from its patients. This also allows the clinic to spend more time taking care of patients by eliminating time customarily spent managing patients’ insurance claims. Payments from Tax Favored Health Plans, also known as High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP), such as HSA, MSA, FSA, and HRA health plans are accepted as direct payments. This is because those payments come directly from a savings account and no insurance claim is needed. Recently, the clinic also added CareCredit as a health care credit option. Patients may apply online. Please note: CareCredit is NOT a zero-interest credit card. Failure to make monthly minimum payments and pay the debt off in full at the end of the initial credit period will result in retro-actively applied interest. Please read your application carefully.


To set a doctor’s appointment please call the number listed below. As we may be busy with patients, please leave a message if you reach the clinic voicemail.  Your call will be returned as soon as possible.