Clinic Orientation.

Clinic Orientation

Welcome to Sundgren Chiropractic Health Clinic. We look forward to working with you to help you resolve your health condition and to naturally build health in your body. We want your experience with the clinic to be as good as possible, so this clinic orientation has been created to familiarize you with some of the key principles and policies of treatment at the clinic.


1. Partners. Not just patients.

We want partners. Not just patients. Partners who value their health and our health. We welcome partner patients who are willing to work to improve their health. We want partners who not only enjoy making progress in their own health endeavors, but who also enjoy the progress and success of Sundgren Chiropractic Health Clinic. We’re looking for win-win, mutually beneficial, and good and fair relationships with our partner patients. If this is the type of health care relationship that you are seeking then welcome aboard!


2. Health Building Foundations: Bad out. Good in. Time. Repeat.

These are the four foundations for building health in the human body. You have to get the bad out. (And keep it from coming in!) You have to put the good in. (And make sure the body can use it.) You have to give the body time. (Neither Rome, your house, nor your car were built in a day. This is where “patience” and “patients” must be equivalent.) And you have to keep repeating those actions. (Which is what we first call “practice” and later “lifestyle.”) There is no way around this process. No “quick fix” to good health. Only work, which eventually becomes part of our everyday lifestyule to maintain the good health that we acquire.


3. Clinic Values: Building Health > Resolving Conditions > Managing Disease.

We love building healthy bodies. As bodies improve in health, conditions and diseases often fade into the background. We also enjoy helping people resolve health conditions to get back to normal. Lastly, we help some people manage diseases by helping them compensate for the problems induced by that disease. If you want to build health in your body, build resilience and constitution in your health, then you are just the type of person that we want to work with.


4. Results Oriented.

We want to get you where you want to be. We aim to be both effective and efficient in that process. We want to help you achieve your goal as quickly and as affordably as possible, knowing that for many people investing in their health with professional guidance, nutritional supplementation, natural medicine, and chiropractic treatment is a big step.


5. Privacy and Patient Profiles.

Our partner patients’ privacy is of utmost importance to us. Health problems can be embarrassing, so we are discrete by default. We will never share treatment information with others without patients’ permission, unless law commands us to do so otherwise. However, we love hearing our patients’ success stories and when our patients share those success stories with others! This helps us reach and help more people, which helps fulfill the clinic’s mission to reach and help as many people as possible. Because of this, when patients reach their health goal or seem particularly excited about the progress that they are making in their treatment we often ask if they will provide us a profile of their success so that we may share with others. Patients may opt in to this sharing or simply decline.


6. Communication, No’s, Yes’s, and Maybe’s

Communication is a highly valued part of our partnership with our patients. If treatment is going well, we want to hear about it! If treatment isn’t going well, we want to hear about it!! Your input on where you think the practice/clinic is getting it right and where it could improve is always welcomed. In treatment, “No, Yes, and Maybe” are all perfectly acceptable and appropriate answers to questions and offers. Let’s use our voices to improve our communication and thus relationship.


7. Non-Appointment Communication Methods

To assure privacy of communications outside of doctor appointments, please call us at 352-870-9397, fax us, or use Virtru for encrypted email. Please do not send unencrypted and unsecured text or email messages where possible.

8. Nutritional products are for our patients only.

Standard Process and MediHerb are our primary nutritional product supply companies. Their policy is for their products to only be sold to and through doctors to patients. This helps assure that patients receive what they need and not something that may be problematic for their body. Since these are food derived products, it also helps assure that patients receive nutritional products that are fresh and vital. (Online sales have been found to have spoiled products because of heat in storage warehouses. There have also been reports of counterfeit products online.) We agree with the Standard Process and MediHerb policy and have adopted the same policy. Florida law also only allows doctors to sell nutritional products to patients under their licensure. To do so otherwise would be illegal. Therefore, we only sell nutritional products such as supplements and natural medicines to our patients.


9. Tie nutritional product recommendations and purchases together for practice sustainability.

It takes a tremendous amount of work and investment to learn how to best use the 301 Standard Process and MediHerb nutritional products as well as to manage patient treatment. The cost for patient care is partially provided by the income produced from nutritional product sales. Patients are under no obligation to purchase any nutritional products recommended, but when they do, we ask that they purchase any products recommended by us from us. This helps our practice be sustainable and successful.


10. We treat partner patients, not their pocketbooks.

All recommendations for our patients are for what we believe are in their best interest. We understand that some of the recommendations may be a stretch for people financially or energetically. For this reason, where possible, treatment recommendations are prioritized so that if our partner patients have limited budgets then they may start with what is likely to get them the best results first and foremost. We understand and respect that different people have different values regarding how much they want to invest in their health, so we do our best to both provide the recommendations that we think are necessary and to honor our patients’ personal values.


11. You will receive personalized care.

Each person is a constellation of unique history, experience, and health values. We do our best to tailor treatment to the needs of our individual partner patients. If you would like adjustments (no pun intended) to your treatment, please communicate those desires to us so that we can determine if those requests can be met.


12. Risks are present, though are significantly less than allopathic treatment.

Please review our consent form for more information. The summation is that the risk of your morbidity or mortality from treatment at this clinic is extremely low, though present. That is the nature of most health care and regrettably there isn’t much that we can do about that except to do our best to help you avoid treatments that we believe may expose you to undue risk. This includes treatments that you have taken on outside of Sundgren Chiropractic Health Clinic. We will do our best to keep you advised of any risks that we believe that you may face in treatment at our clinic and give you the opportunity to consent to or decline that treatment.


13. We accept payments, not promises.

We believe in the power of taking responsibility for one’s own health and in the power of direct reciprocity. We accept payments in the form of cash, check, or charge. We accept payments from Tax Favored Health Plans such as HSA, MSA, FSA, and HRA accounts. Although in the past we accepted promises in the form of taking insurance and patient payment promises, we had too many bad experiences with those relationships and so no longer accept them. We now do not accept Assignment Of Benefits from health nor auto insurance policies. We do not codify our services by ICD nor CPT codes, nor do we structure our records by codification requirements. Therefore our service records cannot be used to seek reimbursement from your insurance company. We know of no health insurance company that reimburses for nutritional products. However, Tax Favored Health Plans do cover nutritional products when prescribed by a doctor for a health condition and so we do accept payment from those plans.


14. What does an appointment look like?

At new patient doctor appointments your chart will be assembled, your medical history is taken, and your physical exam is performed. With your consent the exam may include muscle testing, palpation, orthopedic and neurologic tests, and so on. We will copy any lab or imaging exams that you brought with you. There is no charge for reading and reporting on these lab or imaging exams so long as they are brought in on the first appointment. After information gathering is finished at the first appointment then an Assessment Report appointment will be scheduled where the doctor will go over their findings and recommendations with you. This Assessment Report is considered to be part of the New Patient appointment so there is no additional fee for it. If it is determined that you are a candidate for nutritional therapy and you consent to treatment then your first treatment appointment will be scheduled.


15. We are muscle testers.

Muscle testing is a method used to listen to what the body has to say. Much like neurological reflexes, it depends on responses from the patient’s body and the capacity of the tester to listen to what the body is saying. Laboratory tests can be very valuable, but are often time consuming and limited in their scope. Therapeutic trials are also beneficial but time and money consuming. Although muscle testing can be novel to many patients, we find it to be highly beneficial in increasing both the efficiency and effectiveness of physical assessment and determining treatment protocols. The clinic primarily utilizes a combination of Nutrition Response Testing developed by Dr. Freddie Ulan and Meridian Autonomic Testing developed by Dr.’s Frank and Matthew Cucolo.


16. We are a collaborative allied health care clinic.

Teamwork makes the dream work. By working with other providers we help smooth your transition from disease management to health building practices. If you want us to communicate with, and work with, your other health care professionals, please let us know that and we will do our best to meet that objective. Regarding medications, please work with your prescribing doctor or practitioner when you are feeling better and you want to reduce any of your medicines. Your MD or DO wants to be kept in the loop! It also significantly reduces your risk for adverse effects from inappropriately reducing or eliminating your pharmaceutical medications.


17. We ask that you provide us at least 12 hours advance notice if you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment.

Good communication here helps us make better use of our time and demonstrates to us that you respect our time. We will always do the same where possible to respect your time as well. Please see the appointment policy form for more details including fees charged for missed appointments.


18. Even starting is progress.

Sometimes we can get caught up in our ideals, and failing to meet them feel like failures. But did you know that just being aware of your ideals is success in itself? How else would you achieve them if you weren’t aware of them to begin with? Sometimes it makes more sense to look at the progress that we’ve made than the progress that we haven’t made. At Sundgren Chiropractic Health Clinic we celebrate the small steps, the small successes, that ultimately lead to big success and achievement of our patients’ goals and ideals.

Clinic Orientation

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