Progress Profiles
Sundgren Chiropractic Health Clinic
Gainesville, Florida

Sundgren Chirpractic Health Clinic greatly values its patients and their partnerships.  In this section you will find Progress Profiles that describe in each patient’s own words their success on treatment programs at Sundgren Chiropractic Health Clinic. This could be you!


Benjamin Muniz III, Digital Accounts Manager at West Designs,

Co Owner Photographer at Soul Threading


Thanks Dr. Sundgren for the last two sessions! God has blessed you with a true ability to be present and with your clients, and that's not always easy to find. I see a great improvement in my wellbeing after only 2 sessions with you. See ya next week! A more thorough review to come!


Many blessings, and thanks!



Mycol Stevens, Restorative Ecologist and Ethnobotanist,

Florida Fish and Game


Hey ya'll. Just a heads up. Dr Evan is one of the most competent, well studied friends I have known and that I writing this so you have a clue. Having now gone to all of my fincas mushroom intensives to study and learn the many health benefits of the fungi; having gone to many great herbalism conferences and studies....the list goes on. Evan is one of the most competent and trusted people I would go to if I wanted some help to get healthier. I hope you can make this event and spread the word around town.



Kevin Hanson, Team Lead Software Engineer at University of Florida, Clinical and Translational Science Institute


I had suffered with digestive issues for six months and it took a specialist

with the UF Physicians group to finally give me a diagnosis for my problem.

Even though I had a diagnosis it was so rare that a definitive treatment

schedule was not clear. The medication I took helped with my symptoms but it

did not cure everything. Finally, Dr. Sundgren and I met and talked about my

situation and after describing my symptoms, diet and treatment at the time

he recommended I step back and look at the problem from another angle. He

researched my symptoms and much to my relief his insight and council yield a

new avenue of diet management that helped my condition. I had a clearer path

to managing my problem thanks to Dr. Sundgren. I owe him much thanks for the

additional relief I found from his guided expertise.



Dee McHenry, Co-Founder at Trident Global Imaging, LLC,

and Vice President at Valeo Films, Inc.


It is truly a challenge to put into words the capabilities this man possess. I came to Dr. Sundgren with sudden-onset debilitating sciatic pain radiating from my left hip down to my left foot. I had not slept for three nights, and with only one treatment, I was able to sleep again. After a week of treatments, my pain level was dramatically reduced and I had resumed most of my former activities. After one month, my symptoms had all but dissipated, and Dr. Sundgren had armed with me with simple, effective exercises and nutritional suggestions that dramatically improved – and continue to improve – my quality of life. I most heartily recommend Dr. Sundgren!



Chelsey Powell-Davenport, Dance Instructor, Choreographer, Yoga Instructor


I have been a professional Dancer for the past 12 yrs.  Dance has been a part of my life since the early age of 5.  As you know, being a dancer is extremely hard on the body and it does take a toll on your hips.  Well, 2 yrs ago I noticed extreme pain and lack of flexibility in my Right hip.  I kept dancing and going about my daily routine with the pain becoming intense.  I turned to yoga many years ago and that helped me regain my flexibility.  However, the pain still remained and got worse.


We moved to Gainesville and I walked into yoga Sanctuary to take yoga classes and that is when I ran into Dr. Sundgren.  He was very nice and answered all of my questions and concerns that I had w/ my hip.  He even offered to give me treatments in exchange for tap lessons.  I really thought it was too good to be true, especially because my husband and I really couldn’t afford to spend the money on getting my hip looked at.  It was a true blessing.  Now here I am, myself again, w/out pain.  It was a process that had wonderful results and I feel like my hip really rejuvenated itself.  It’s so wonderful that I can walk comfortably w/out limping or even thinking about my hip pain anymore.  I really learned to listen to my body and feed it w/ natural nourishment in order for it to heal.  Thank you!



Teresa Drake, Director, Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Clinic, Yoga Instructor


Evan Sundgren, D.C. has a chiropractic style that is so wonderfully unique, I’m reluctant to describe him as ‘just’ a chiropractor...it seems so limiting.  His ‘holistic’ approach, sensitive touch, and vast knowledge of anatomy allows him to gently maneuver the body to achieve phenomenal results.  His treatment plans take into account the synergistic effect of all systems and give the body the time it needs to make meaningful, healthful changes.  As a yoga teacher, I take care of everyone else’s body.  I trust Dr. Sundgren to take care of mine.